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sPEC-LIST + resource guide

your BUSINESS, professionally desi9neD   + affordable, CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR BUDGET

Perfect for new business owners, investor or landlord presentations and team conceptualizing, entrepreneurs, current business owners in need of branding, and more.  3D Commercial/Contract desi9ns are the best visual guides we offer to see your business come together to your exact vision and specifications. 


Our team works through your business goals and operations to create a commercial space that conveys your brand,

connects to your customers, and enhances their experience. 


For commercial spaces starting at 4,000 SF.

Walkthrough 3D video, concept images, and floorplans complete this package. Add on Lifestyle Support and get onsite design feedback and inspiration from one of our desi9ners - as needed! No expensive retainers, simply buy the time with a designer that you need.

Visualize and Plan your new business with our talented desi9n team, save time and money, and avoid mistakes with our team of Desi9n Professionals. 

Make those difficult decisions simple and choose wall details and textures, upholstery, tiles, bar-tops, flooring, lighting, furniture, paint colors, wall accents, and virtually all commercial interior design details with confidence.

The perfect roadmap for your new business, this package features a custom specification list featuring all concept materials and coordinating resources. Also included is complimentary shopping concierge assistance, along with material estimates and option resources to guide your 3D Business to life!

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